Layla needs your help!

Layla one of our girls we rescued from Spain after she was exported there from Ireland is having major surgery tomorrow. She is in foster as she has leish and has been treated for it since she was rescued. She has been very up and down but finally has been doing really well health wise also mentally. She has been used and abused in Spain and passed from pillow to post. Yesterday a freak accident happened to Layla. Her foster homes fence blew half way down due to the strong winds and Layla managed to run up it and jump on to the next doors garage. Its so hard to explain but her foster home is on a hill so the gardens are high. She jumped off the garage and snapped her front leg. The vets said it’s a catastrophic break with two parts of the bone coming through muscle, skin and nerves. She was at the vets within minutes of it happening and was put on mediation and a drip for pain and infection because the wound was so open. She has  had Xrays and the vets feel they can fix it with surgery tomorrow but can’t rule out the risks and further issues she may have in later life. We have been estimated four thousand pounds for her operation 🥴😫.Any donations even a pound will help loads. I will update tomorrow.