Kerry Visits Plush Bear Shelter

Kerry has been to Plush Bear Shelter today and has been driving Plush a little mad about getting extra bedding and coats on the hounds waiting to come into our care at Beijing! ❤️ Anyone who knows Kerry knows what a pain she is with beds 🙈🙈 Kerry thinks Plush wanted to tell her to sod off back to England at one point 😂 but they have beds and coats on so she’s happy. The coats the dogs are wearing have been donated by our supporters. The weather is starting to get really cold in China so these coats can be the difference between life and death for the skinny hounds so huge thanks to everyone who has sent these coats to us over the last month.

Plush rescues dogs from the meat trade and Candy Cane Rescue takes the greyhounds and the whippets. So many dogs at the shelter need homes 💔 The beautiful fluffy white dog was taken to the meat market by his owner 💔 As soon as we can we will start moving more hounds from Plush to Beijing ❤️