Josh aka Droopys Blair

Droopys Blair at the breeding kennels in mainland China. This breeder has over a 100 imported dogs. When my contact in China approached the breeder the first thing he asked was “if he is for the English woman he can’t sell. Unlucky because he was for me. We know Shane Boy Jasper is also at these kennels aswell as Sparta Bounty both Irish bred dogs. These boys were just too expensive for us. If I was a millionaire I would save them all. If you watch the video of Droopys Blair that kennel is where he lived while in China. The other dogs there don’t stand a chance of ever making it into a home because they will never be saved. The video inside the building is where the dogs are bred. The boy next to the running machine is the Top race dog from America Tip Top. He was for sale for eighty thousand pounds. All the racing industry care about is making money from these dogs. The people who have exported these beautiful dogs have never gave them a second thought to what might happen to them or what type of life they will have. They will have the life sucked out of them until they drop .💔