Imry Bale Australian Greyhound

IMRY BALE the black dog is for sale in mainland China for £7000. He is an Australian bred dog which was exported to China by his owner and trainer Paul Wheeler who is known and has been charged for exporting greyhounds. These kennels are where we got Droopy Blair from the Irish bred dog and where Shane boy Jasper is (white and black) who went this year from Ireland at only 3 years old and where Sparta Bounty is. Both Irish dogs are around 16k so we can’t afford to save them. This kennel is one of the top breeding kennels in mainland China that has over 100 exported dogs from Ireland, Australia and America. Tip Top the American greyhound is at these kennels. Look at the first photo of IMRY and go to the right. Two piglets are in the run next to him. So piglets living in kennels with a 100 racing greyhounds, that suggests that these poor pigs will be used as a live bait. The horrors of the exports and the racing industry get worse and worse.