Hope is still waiting for her turn to fly!

Message from Kerry!

Beautiful little Hope is still waiting patiently for her chance to get out of China. Because we can’t fly to China to get our dogs we are having to book cargo flights which is so expensive it’s crippling us financially. We are constantly chasing our tail to pay all our bills aswell as get our dogs out of China .We possibly have a chance to get four dogs out in two weeks but we need to raise the cash for this to happen. Any donation no matter how small will make a difference. I know people are probably getting annoyed with me asking and trust me I’m getting fed up asking it’s so frustrating and demoralising but I have no choice if our dogs have any chance of getting out. Little Hope was rescued over a year ago from a horrific slaughter house but she is now more than ready to start her new life❤️❤️