Greyhound awarness Cork

Tt was a who’s who at Curraheen Greyhound Stadium last night it seems.
Councillor Fergal Dennehy, deputizing for the Lord Mayor
Councillor Joe Carroll, Deputy Lord Mayor
Senator Jerry Buttimer
Sean Kelly MEP
Councillor Tim Lombard
Joe Carroll TD
Kevin O’Keeffe TD
Sean Sherlock TD
Mr. Creed TD
All elected members of the Council, the Dail, Senate and European Parliament.
Supposedly representing their constituents.
Why didn’t they come out and talk to the 78 people OUTSIDE?
Are we not worth talking to?
Are we to assume they agree with what is happening in the Greyhound Industry?
Were they there as private individuals or in a public capacity?
Do they condone the killing of greyhounds?
Do they condone the export of greyhounds to countries with no animal welfare?
The track was packed to the rafters it says as was Shelbourne Park the night of the Derby.
Will the IGB stand alone and be self sustainable then?
IF the industry is so viable why do they have to factor in 16.8 MILLION from the government in their budget forecasts?
Will the IGB release the number of dogs injured on Irish tracks in 2019?
Will they release the numbers KILLED on these same tracks for 2019?
We hope you enjoyed your night out