We have reached the 14,000! Thank you so much!

We have reached the £14,000 mark 🙂 After the horrific event last week I think it’s fair to say Candy Cane Rescue hit the rock bottom emotionally. It was the worse period I have had in rescue . This week we have to focus and stay positive because we have over 200 dogs in our care and we are all they have. These dogs have never had a kind hand and have no family so we are their family and lifeline. We took over 90 dogs since the start of April so this months bills are over £80,000 this is vets, boarding, food, beds etc. We need to get the shelter up and running sooner rather than later for many reasons but the main ones is that we will have more control of our dogs and our bills will be dramatically reduced. We need to focus all energy on the shelter now for the future of Candy Cane Rescue. Once we are open it will be amazing for the dogs and volunteers. If people can’t donate maybe join in with fundraising. We have amazing teams in the UK and USA, so you can contact the team on the Candy Cane Fundraising group or drop me a message. Our PayPal and bank details are on the poster. Please if you can mark donations shelter as we have a restricted funds policy’s.