We are devastated. We lost Sailor!

Sailor was put to sleep. Im so angry because this beautiful boy was rescued from the meat trade but rather than him being safe he was left in a shelter with too many dogs and became very ill. This is another factor the dogs face in China. Even when the dogs are rescued they are not always safe because they go to shelters with way too many dog, no vet support and very little food and bedding. This is one of the hardest things I struggle with. When I put Candy Cane rescues name to a dog I make sure that dog is cared for until he or she leaves China. I write all the dogs down to make sure none is forgotten. Rescue is not just about saving the dogs from the meat trade it also means giving them a good quality of life and in our case getting them out of China. I hope this beautiful soul can rests in peace now. I also can’t stress how much the vets hate to PTS any animal. In all the time we have been doing this Sailor is only the second dog they have agreed to PTS. The first was Sun with bone cancer. The vet believed Sailor would have just suffered more and never get well.