Vietnam Rescue

Last week we were contacted by Michele Brown from Fight Dog Meat about an exported, tattooed, Australian greyhound on the back of a motorbike with two little mix breeds. He was brought by a butcher and sent to a slaughter house.

Joy, an amazing lady in Vietnam, travelled over 100 miles and went to the slaughter house on her own to rescue the greyhound. This part of Vietnam is horrific and animal rescuers get killed trying to save dogs /animals. We asked her to also save the little mixed breeds and brilliantly she got all 3! They were in sacks as the butcher always bags them up like that. The reason the dogs are still in the sacks while Joy took this video is because she’s waiting for transport to collect her. She was in the middle of an area where dogs are always being snatched so she felt it safer to keep the dogs as contained as possible.

When they were rescued we questioned if the little dogs in the sacks were 100% the same dogs on the back of the motorbike with the greyhound. The butcher told Joy 100% they were. We questioned this as when we were sent the video we could see that one dog had a white nose and the dogs in the cage on the motorbike didn’t. It was clear when the dogs were unloaded and taken out the sacks they were different dogs 😢 The butcher then admitted that the dogs on the motorbike were slaughtered 💔💔😢😢 Gutted for them as you could see how scared they were.

On a positive it means two more dogs have a new life, Sophie and Jessica as we have named them. You can see they are stolen pets as they have collars on. They are not chipped so no way of tracing the owners who must be out their mind with worry. We only wish they could understand that people in the U.K are going to look after them with the support from people worldwide.

The greyhound, who we’ve named Andy, is doing okay. He has lots of cuts and he’s struggling with an injured leg but he is at the vets now recovering. ❤️ Andy is mega skinny and has skin problems. The vets are running blood tests and he’s in touch with Kerry most days. He studied in the UK and often has meetings in our home city of Birmingham so his English is great which makes things easier 💙

Sophie, one of the little girls, gave birth to four puppies after she was rescued! 🙈 So now we have 7 dogs in Vietnam 🙈❤️