Update on Beijing Crisis 10 saved under Candy cane

Because of you,  our fabulous supporters, ten lives will be changed forever. I know people get fed up when charities ask for money all the time, but honestly we have no choice. I’m not too proud to beg when I have to, when it means saving lives of these precious souls. Please don’t ever think £1 or £10 won’t make a difference because it does it all adds up. Without you guys we can’t help these dogs.

There are still over 45 greyhounds and whippets left, we have taken the weakest ones and ones that need urgent vet treatment. Two of the dogs have broken legs, two greyhounds are covered in open wounds. We are trying to help the others as much as we can, but we desperately need help from other rescues to help, we simply can’t afford another 50 dogs on top of the 179 we currently have in boarding kennels

I’m going to keep posting about these dogs all week until all the hounds are safe.Thank you again everyone and please take a second to enjoy the happiest for these ten beautiful babies.

Will update later, much love Kerry