The Greyhounds & Whippets from the Beijing Shelter are now all safe!

We have some fabulous news. All the Greyhounds and Whippets are now out of the shelter in Beijing. It’s been one of the biggest rescue missions we have ever done but thanks to the amazing team in China we have done it.
We really shouldn’t have taken more dogs but we felt as a team we had no choice to get these hounds out because they were living in the worse conditions and striving to death. Also it’s winter now in China and it’s so cold they wouldn’t have lasted much longer.
Altogether we have rescued over 120 dogs in four weeks 😬😬😬😬. We have helped other breeds where we could and we will continue to support the shelter in helping the dogs that are still there. I really really want to just say thank you so much to all our supporter because we couldn’t have done this without you guys.
Every single penny has helped to get these dogs safe. Doedoe and her team built new kennel blocks to accommodate the newbies and you can see in this video how happy they are. The new dogs are loving their new beds and seeing the sky and having fresh air.
Thank you thank you from Kerry and the whole CHR team