Tempor Lover rescued last year!

Tempo Lover is now in the UK in a loving home . She had two dentals funded by Candy Cane and has been neutered. She is an Australian bred girl who raced in Australia then was sent to China for breeding.  She spent 6 long years in China being passed around like a breeding machine . Her babies will be raced on the underground tracks then once they stop racing will either be bred from or sent to the dog meat trade . Irish dogs that have raced on UK tracks are still being sent to mainland China, The Greyhound Board of Great Britain and the Irish Greyhound Board have done nothing to stop the exports of racing greyhounds. Greyhounds are going to Spain, Romania, Portugal, China, Pakistan, Hungary, India to name just a few counties and no one in the racing industry is doing a dam thing to stop it. Tempo lover now Iris is one of the lucky ones she made it out and is now living out the rest of her days safe and happy.