RIP Champ ❤️

Champ racing name Sucker Punch from Australia who was exported to China.Rest easy big man ❤️
This evening we had to let our loveable, gentle giant Champ go. We knew that this time was coming but on Tuesday, with the advice of the vet and the care and support from Kerry, we decided that it was time. His arthritis had got the better of him and his breathing had become laboured. Champ was an Australian greyhound who was exported to China to be bred from. His arthritis was prevalent then but that didn’t stop the exportation. He could have had a loving and care free home in Australia from an earlier age but the call of earning more money from trainers and breeders was too high. He enjoyed his final three years with us, I think, and he did like his steady walks and his garden investigations. His Brian Blessed bark was a joy and shock to listen to and he did enjoy using his ramp which was built especially for him. Tonight, at the vets he came to each of us in turn for a fuss and he went to sleep with Colin, Daniel, Helen and myself talking to him, telling him we loved him and stroking his huge head. I made sure that he saw my face as he went to sleep. We would like to say thank you to Kerry and the Candy’s Hound Rescue International team for letting us long term foster him, to our greyhound geek friends and our other friends for their love and interest in his gentle adventures and to his many, many sponsors across the world for helping with his care and for making sure he was happy. He would have been 12 in January. Champ or Champy-poo or Champ the Ramp or Horse was a handsome, gorgeous, kind, loving greyhound and we will miss him desperately. Champ is to be cremated tomorrow.❤️