News from Kerry

I would consider myself a tough person when it comes to dog rescue but these guys have broken me. I know some people get upset with posts like this but it’s the reality of China. We have so many positive stories but we also have awful heartbreaking ones too and as I run Candy Cane rescue I can only run it the best way I can and that is being honest in the work we are doing. These guys have a chance and I’m happy with the vets they are in. I just don’t know what the answer is because I say no more dogs then before I know it we have more.

Funds are always needed but I also know people don’t want to keep hearing that but that’s how it is. Anyone can help fundraising no matter how small or where you are in the world. Our vet bills are so high we need more people fundraising for us. Sorry for the long post these guys have got me today.