Major Crisis in Beijing

17/9/21 We have a major crisis in Beijing💔💔 A shelter with 2000/3000 dogs (we aren’t 100%) are starving to death and killing each other. The rescuer sadly passed away a few weeks of cancer after 20 years of saving these dogs.The owner of the shelter is not in China and to be brutally honest hasn’t any money to feed the dogs. Other rescues are trying to help with the non hounds and the amazing girls from Harbin SHS took 186 last night.We want to try and help raise at least £1000 to buy some food for the dogs. We also have been asked to take the 50 sighthounds 😩😩😩😩😩. We can’t take all 50 as we are already chasing our tails financially and behind on boarding bills and vet bills as we have had cargo flights for 16 dogs to the UK recently. We have asked for help from our rescue partners to take on the responsibility financially for the dogs. We just can’t leave them💔. Some of the images in this video is very hard to watch but it’s the reality for these dogs. Please dig deep we need to help get food to these dogs and work out how many we can take on. We will keep updating what’s going on and when we can order food for the dogs. I think everyone will agree these images are completely heartbreaking it physically hurts. Thank you everyone, much love Kerry ❤️.
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