Flora needs your help!!

This is Flora (a short-legged, curly haired little cutie pie ‘greyhound’)
Yesterday Flora had an MRI scan which shows she has a life threatening issue in her neck. She now needs surgery to stabilise her spine and reduce the swelling in her spinal cord and brain. She has been put in a cast to imobilise her neck prior to the operation, as any wrong movement could be fatal. The surgery involves a degree of risk, but without this she would have to be put to sleep. However, if all goes to plan, it will be a permanent fix and she can continue to live a happy life. Obviously this procedure is very expensive, Candy Cane have been quoted £7k, which is crazy money I know! Anybody who has met Flora, knows what a sweet little dog she is and truly deserves this chance, how could we put a maximum price on Flora’s life and not give her a chance😢.
We are running an emergency auction for Flora…LIVE NOW UNTIL 7.30PM on WEDESDAY 30th OCTOBER! To participate you need to be a member of/or join The Candy Cane Rescue Fundraising Group. Please pop any donations items directly into the Floras Auction Album on the link below and please start bidding 🙏🙏🙏😁