Exciting news from Kerry!

I have some exciting news 😍😍😍😍We have just signed a contract to rent this land in China for our own shelter. As you can see itโ€™s massive and itโ€™s government certified to hold dogs which is a must because this means the dogs are safe and the government or police canโ€™t take our dogs or take the land for farming. It’s just outside Beijing and our trusted driver will be living on site and he will do all transport runs to airports, vets etc. We will be taking on 2 more staff to start with. The site is being cleared over the next week then we will start ordering our units to kennel the dogs. Cameras will be set up to my phone and to Doe’s in China so I can check on the dogs at all times. We will have units also for volunteers to stay when they come to China. We will be running volunteer schemes and have policyโ€™s people will read and sign. Once we are up and running we will be running educational days for people and children eg schools in China about dog and pet ownership. Most people in China have no idea about the dog meat trade so we will be discussing that also and how this trade needs to end. We will help rescues also by boarding their dogs if needed. I will be setting up a big fundraiser soon to kick start this project ❤️❤️❤️ I can’t tell you how much better this will be for our dogs and it will help us so much with the dogs in one place also will help keep finances down rather than the dogs being all over the place. I am also a control freak so it means I have more of a say and we can get lots and lots of beds for the dogs because everyone knows how much greyhounds love their beds.