Droopys Dale’s story

This time last year Irish racer Droopys Dale aka Goose was in mainland China being used as a breeding machine .The racing industry forgot about him but we didn’t. Mike James found him on the data base in China and he was for sale for £3,000. A supporter of Candy Cane rescue donated the full amount to buy him. Here he is 12 months later on his first holiday. He was worth every penny and more. I have been accused of funding the market of exported dogs by buying them back from China and Spain. People who suggest this have no idea what they are talking about. Apart from saving our dogs that everyone has forgotten, we are also exposing the racing industry and gathering evidence about the exports of racing greyhounds. I can’t stress enough the impact we are having on exposing the Irish /English dogs being exported. If we don’t try and save our dogs and bring them home who else will ? Rescues have been saving galgos from Spain for years and rightly so. BGP have been helping galgos for 7 years but which rescues are actually tracking down Irish and English greyhounds in Spain and China? That is the reason I’m bringing are dogs home to give them a chance and hope and to stop the exports. Rescue is so hard but moments like this are the ones you grab with both hands and remind yourself why you do it. Birmingham greyhound protection and candy cane rescue have an amazing solid team and amazing supporters. Thank you everyone who believes in what we do .No breeding .No racing .No exports.