3 Australian greyhounds

Yesterday I went and met 3 boys from Australia that we got a couple of weeks ago who were imported to mainland China. Two had papers with them and it was confirmed from chips and tattoos that the dogs were as it said on the papers Sucker Punch and Five Easy Pieces .The 3rd dog had no papers and I couldn’t see his ear tattoos correctly because it was so late he was stressed and the ink was so faded, so will get them at a later date. I was so excited to see them but instead of being happy I broke down and cried because the boys were completely shut down physically and mentally. Sucker punch could hardly walk or put any weight on his front left leg .He had X rays as We were worried about bone cancer.It came back clear thank god .Five easy pieces who is neally ten years old and been in china 6 years was completely stiff to the point he could hardly walk on any of his legs or hold his own weight .X rays showed arthritis.If you know greyhounds you will see from the videos how stressed and upset the dogs are .They look completely overwhelmed.They have been passed from pillow to post in china from breeder to breeder .The boys have just been exploited over and over again .They all need dentals as their teeth are dreadful .The boys have not looked after after in any way shape or
Form they have just been used for money .Greyhound data want to work with the Chinese trainers /owners to set up a rehoming program and all greyhounds in china to be chipped and have a stud book .Like that small token is going to do anything to help these dogs .The racing industry cant sort the racing out in their own countries never mind china that have no welfare laws ,no rules on breeding and greyhounds can’t be pets .Where most of the greyhounds are being bred there’s 800 meat restaurants. It doesnt take a genius to work out where the dogs go after they stop racing .This is so heartbreaking because it will never end in china and dogs will suffer for years and years now because the racing industry have and are still sending dogs to china for pure greed .The boys have a chance but at 10 9 and 8 years old they have had most of their live stolen from them by the very People who should have protected them. If the racing people that support greyhound data in rehoming the greyhounds in China why don’t you do what I’m doing and go to china and bring them home?No matter how much you want to fluff it up and tell people the dogs are looked after In China the dogs can’t be pets ever and will never be safe or have good lives until they leave china .The racing industry should hang their heads in shame for what they have done .We brought these 3 boys as breeders aswell .We were not asked any questions about where they were going as long as the money was paid it didn’t matter. The dogs are now on medication to make them feel better until we get them to the states or the UK.