Irish greyhound Cooleagh Chick found in Spain

Before lock down we were negotiating with a Galguero in Spain to buy this female greyhound racing name Cooleagh Chick. She had last trials in Ireland in January then was sent to Spain as a breeding bitch. We agreed a price etc but then the lockdown was put on Spain so we couldn’t get her. Now some of the restrictions have been lifted, we have made a contact with the Galguero. He has informed us this beautiful girl is dead. He did not know why or how she died but when he went into the kennel in the morning she was died. Her registered owner in Ireland is Emma Ryan. She didn’t deserve this she spent her whole 3 years on this earth being exploited and abused. She only had one life and now she is gone. The racing industry just keeps exporting these dogs without a care for the dogs future.