Export of racing greyhounds continues!!

Irish greyhounds that have raced in the UK and Ireland get exported to China for breeding .Again the exported dogs DON’T get sold for meat as far as I’m aware because that would make no sense to send dogs half way around the world to be eaten. I have made this clear over and over but people believe what they believe. The poor dogs tho are shipped over to become breeding machines nothing more. They are used over and over and passed around different breeders in China until they drop. The dogs never have a retirement and never become pets. And let me remind people who see no issue in sending dogs to China there are no animal protection laws in China. So that means there’s nothing to protect these dogs. We have saved and brought home 3 of these wonderful dogs from China so far .Droopy Dale , Droopy Blair and of course Frisby Barney who is still registered as standing in the UK under the Greyhound Board Of Great Britain. We absolutely did buy these dogs and absolutely we would do it again at the drop of a hat. The racing industry is nothing but a greedy self regulated industry that uses these wonderful dogs for money. You can’t even insure a racing greyhound because the risk of injury and death is so high. Thousands of dogs get killed each year because they are no longer able to race and make money, hundreds are exported to a life of hell. The whole dirty industry is full of thugs and bullies. Not one pro racer has come out publicly and spoke out about the exports to China all they have done is said how well the dogs are looked after 🙄. Absolute fools the lot of them and the dogs deserve more. The off spring of these dogs are raced on underground tracks in China and used for breeding. When they are no longer any use they are sold for their bodies to be eaten. I have been to the tracks in China and meat markets and seen it with my own eyes. The pro racing fools say all the time there’s no meat on a greyhound and whippets so people wouldn’t eat these type of dogs. What a stupid thick thing to say. People eat spiders 🕷,Mice, insects 🦟 and many other animals in China including little breeds like poodles so when you compare them to sighthounds they are full of meat and muscle so to say there’s nothing on a greyhound to eat is just another stupid comment 🤮🤮🤮🤮. This is just another way for pro racers to try to discredit work done in China because they don’t want the world and the public to find out what goes on. This is where I’m good because I might only be five foot but I have a voice and a big one at that and will use it. Greyhound racing should be banned and so should the exports of racing greyhounds. Anyone found to be exporting these wonderful dogs should be banned from this pisspot outdated sport which is greyhound racing.