Dirtbird Mac is joing us from Spain!

Greyhound Protection UK have a very special boy arriving to the UK this weekend. Mac racing name Dirtbird Mac from Spain .Mac is an Irish bred racing Greyhound who is still registered with the Irish Greyhound Board yet in October 2019 he was exported to Spain for breeding and racing. Mac is apparently pretty mentally shut down and has the body of a very old dog not of a four year old greyhound in his prime. As you can see by the video he is lame on 3 legs and struggles to walk.He has had X-Rays in Spain which have shown no broken bones. He is booked in to go to our vets here in the UK next week.The racing industry in Ireland and the UK continue to keep exporting these amazing dogs knowing their fate and knowing they will have no retirement but will simply be used as machines.Spain as a country kills thousands and thousands of sighthounds a year so why is the Greyhound racing industry still sending dogs there knowing this??I never ever see or hear anybody that races Greyhounds or owns racing Greyhounds come out and slam the industry for the export of these dogs.I hate Greyhound racing but i hate the exports more because thousands are never saved once they leave Ireland and the UK.The Greyhound racing industry always say “our dogs are rehomed after racing “or another favourite is “our dogs are retired not rescued “what aload of absolute bollocks.Ex Racing Greyhounds are rescued not retired and boys like Mac are just forgotten.Mac like thousands of Greyhounds is such another lost soul that was let down by the self regulation industry that was meant to offer protection to him.He will be with us sometime today to start the new life he deserves and should have had along time ago.Don’t bet on Greyhound Racing is a self-regulated industry that relies on gentle Greyhounds to make money from either racing the dogs,breeding the dogs or exporting the dogs.It’s also full of bullies right the way from the very top of the industry who control the minions that exploit the dogs.Whenever you have concerns about the racing industry you are advised to contact the Irish Greyhound Board or The Greyhound Board of Great Britain🙄Which is an utter waste of time because the industry is self-regulated so they protect their trainers and owners rather than the dogs.Greyhound racing is outdated and needs to be banned there’s no place for a sport that relies on the over breeding of innocent dogs to make money.I think people forget at times that a the noble Greyhound is a dog like any other breed and deserves the same protection.