Cycling up Everest!

Toby’s UK 2 Spain
IT’S ON!!!
Raising Funds to help Candy Cane Rescue with their own mountain to climb.
Candy cane rescue really need their own safe centre in China so they can continue to rescue Greyhounds from the cruel meat trade and the racing industry.!!
On July 18th 2020 Maxine and Toby will be cycling up Everest!!!
Well the equivalent of …. 28 times up and down the Horseshoe Pass none stop!!!!! It’s about 42 miles of uphill riding!!
This is not for the faint hearted, it is a mammoth task, but you know what these two are like!!!
Training is underway and although they can’t train together at the mo they are both working hard to be ready.
You have always been superb supporters and hope once again you will enjoy some of the shenanighans that accompany these frankly ludicrous challenges.
If you can spare a few pounds to spare them on
Anyone who donates will be entered into the draw to win the original Nellie Doodles painting done just for this event 💞
Thank you… as always ‘it’s all about the hounds’