Confident Ash Irish Greyhound found in Spain!

Message from Kerry!

Please meet Valentino Racing name CONFIDENT ASH. This boy is registered in Ireland and is a racing dog who last raced in Ireland 2 years ago before he was exported to Spain for a few hundred euros. His last registered owner in Ireland is Mr Damien O’Donnell from Tipperary. We tried to rescue this boy last year but failed he was already sold. He has had 7 owners in Spain and been used as a stud over and over. The crazy thing is I’m going to have more Irish dogs under my rescue that have been exported than dogs waiting her for rescue here how crazy is that? There reallyis  no choice the dogs that make it home after being exported are so broken they need all the help they can get and whenever we find any for sale we will always try and get them no matter how full we are or what it costs we can’t leave them.The kennels is Spain have said Valentino is lovely and gentle but he has no spirit left in him. I saw a post the other day from pro racers saying anyone anti racing shouldn’t be able to adopt greyhounds because we don’t understand the dogs and if we can’t appreciate their past we should not be a part of their future. If it’s wasn’t for people fighting for these dogs every day they wouldn’t stand a chance. Have any pro racers ever rescued a dog that’s been exported ??? Or even tried ? I bet they answer is NO because you are all to busy being keyboard warriors talking rubbish as always. Valentino is leaving Spain next months as rabies and vaccines are up to date and he has had his bloods done  and traces will be done next week.