News from Kerry!

All our dogs at this vets have collars, coats and big beds. The hounds all had their nails cut and have all put weight on since they were rescued. We have more dogs at this vets but some have parvo and distemper so I couldn’t see them but I am expecting more photos. Things are still not prefect but things are getting better and the vets understand the importance of beds and coats for our hounds. We still have the vet bill to cover at this vets and other bills. I am getting million messages on the FB page and I will try to answer as soon as I can. Most of these dogs are going to America because they can go in 30 days after their rabies jabs and it is 3 months to come to the UK and Europe. We bring dogs to the UK but only when they are almost ready and we have flights booked. I know people will be disappointed but I have to move the dogs ASAP for their sakes, to keep bills down and to rescue other.