Kerry’s trip to China

Candy Cane Rescue is a greyhound rescue but we do help other breeds when we can. Today we saved 3 greyhounds, 4 whippets, two huskies, one malamute, malinois, 3 poodles, a little gobby white thing, 2golden retrievers, German Shepard and a bull dog. Also two rabbits were rescued and a hedgehog who will be released into the wild. All are going to Plush Shelter for food and water then tomorrow they will do the five hour drive to Changchun vets. The vet bills will be sky high as some have skin problems, the bull dog has cherry eye, one hound has one eye and some will have distemper. I have attached our bank details and PayPal will if anyone can help towards the cost. Candy Cane is a registered charity based in the UK and once the dogs are healthy we will work with other rescues to take the none hounds.