Droopy’s Blair Update!

Droopy’s Blair now called Josh was bred and raced in Ireland and is still currently standing in Ireland. Unfortunately he was sold to China for breeding. Rather than him having a retirement the greedy people in the racing industry sold him to a country with no welfare laws, no protection, no chance of a home and he was sold to become a breeding machine for China’s underground tracks. Once his off springs can not race no more, they are sold to slaughter houses or meat markets for humans consumption. Josh got lucky as Mike James found him in China and we hunted him down. He was the first Irish greyhound found in China on the Chinese database. Here he is now in the UK after being rescued by Candy Cane. Worth every penny and all the amount of stress and heartache that comes with rescue. Thank you everyone who supports us and believes in what we do. Without you support we would not be where we are now. BGP and Candy Cany are growing strenght to strenght year by year!