100 Plus Dogs Rescued From Meat Market

Plush bear have gone to a meat market today. Along with 100 plus dogs there were 16 greyhounds and whippet type dogs. All have been loaded now into trucks and are in the slaughter house until the money is raised to save them. To save the hounds it’s £1500. We work very close with Plush and she knows when she sees a hound she’s to rescue them as Candy Cane Rescue will take them. She was told the greyhounds are ex racing dogs from the underground tracks in China. Some look very old and injured. Many meat trade dogs are so so poorly by the time they make it to the slaughter house that once rescued they need so much medical care.💔 Some don’t make it but many do and deserve and need that chance. Candy Cane have said they will raise the money and the vet care for the hounds until we can move the to Beijing. Please help us to get them safe. Our PayPal is rescue@candycanerescue.org thank you