Bring Them Home!!!

It’s been one hell of a experience some good things but also some of the worst things Kerry has ever seen in her life. Kerry, Callum Deacy and Plush have all agreed a few things which need to improve so they will all be working together to make those changes possible. The most important thing when saving Meat Trade Dogs is the aftercare. This includes medical care, good food, bedding and trying to get the dogs homes. It’s heartbreaking not to able to save every dog at the meat markets but it has to be about quality of care we can provide rather than the quantity of dogs we can save. The vet bills for the meat trade dogs are astonomical but without vet care the dogs die. For now, no more dogs will be rescued until the ones at the shelter are sorted. Candy Cane has over 50 hounds to move from Plush Bear to Beijing which we will do over the next couple of months. ❤️

As for the lucky 10 dogs travelling on this trip, they have all arrived safely in the UK. The group included 4 hounds and 6 other breeds which are being taken under the wing of other rescue groups.

We’ve added photo’s of the team including, Kerry, Doe Doe, Callum and Plush. Also, photo’s of some of the dogs (Logan, Loona, Raindrops & Grandpa) already in their new homes or foster homes!