Beyonce Star and Baby Moon

Candy cane rescue have just bought Beyonce Star from a breeder in China. Star was exported to China 6 years ago by her trainer Jason Margi & his partner Tess Simmons. Jason is a big face in the racing industry in Australia and is always promoting greyhound welfare and claiming that he treats them like his “children”. Kerry contacted Margi and Simmons but they wouldn’t talk to her. Star is 12 years old and been bred and bred and bred. She had a litter 45 days ago so we were able to buy Moon, one of her puppies. We did try to get all of her pups but the owner wouldn’t let us have them. We are hoping that in 3 months time Star can fly to the UK and have some kind of retirement.

Star is doing well and is at our vets in China. Her pup Moon is in foster in China and is very sweet, he has a heart on the end of his nose!