Andy’s Story

“It’s been a little over 8 months since we brought our Greyhound Andy home. He came to us in February 2020 this skinny, scruffy little guy who was so shy and uncertain.
When I look back at the original pictures I took of him, I don’t recognize that dog anymore. Some of that is because Andy has literally grown up right in front of us and some of it is because he’s now a larger-than-life wild child with a personality big enough for 20 dogs. Andy has the biggest and brightest smile now that he knows he belongs somewhere.
Andy was born in China. I don’t actually know much about his history. He doesn’t have any paperwork to say where he came from, where his parents are or who was responsible for him. All I know is that my precious boy found his way to a butcher shop where he was destined to be killed and eaten. He was taken from there to a shelter that housed over 4000 dogs, most of whom were sick with disease, injured or dying…….”
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