21 lucky hounds are doing great in America!

All our 21 dogs are doing amazing in America. Along with our rescue partners we are looking into another two flights. We cant get dogs to the UK yet due to Covid so America is our only chance. It’s coming up to new year and that’s when we always rescue most of our dogs from the horrific meat trade. Last January we rescued dogs from the meat trucks on the way to the markets to be sold and some trucks had 19 hounds in. We rescued one little whippet and she was put in temporary kennels along with many others and this was because full lockdown was put in place due to covid in Beijing. When we rescue any dogs the first place they go is the vets. Due to lockdown the dogs couldn’t go and we wasn’t allowed to move the dogs to our boarding kennels so they had to stay in this temporary kennel. It wasn’t ideal but we had rescued that many dogs in a short period of time and then lock down happened. We had to be at least thankful the dogs had somewhere to stay safe. Unfortunately one of the whippets became pregnant at this temporary kennel. I was extremely pissed off at the time but under the stressful period the guys in China were going through the only thing I could do was work with them and make sure pups and mom were looked after. When lock down was lifted a little and restrictions not so high in Beijing, we moved all our dogs from this temporary kennel to the vets. I know it’s not a great thing to happen but it did and we took responsibility for the pups. In over 500 dogs we have saved this was this first time this has happened thankfully. I can’t say it will be the last but I would like to think we won’t be in this situation again. The pups are now all in America doing amazing 🙂. We are now looking into another two flights for the new year so I will be doing a big fundraiser for that. We don’t usually pay for flights to the states, usually the rescues do and we pay vets, boarding etc in China and we always pay flights to the UK. Due to Covid though and these strange times the trustees all agreed on raising money for dogs to go to America so watch this space for the fundraiser. Thank you again for all the support without it these dogs don’t stand a chance.