Mark and Spencer are looking for a very special family to adopt them both.

I think if they were to be split up it would break their little hearts.

They are Borzoi Cross x Greyhound so big lads but really sweet gentle lads.

They are still shy with new people but warm towards people pretty fast.

They are sooooo aloof and look at you like you aren’t even there at times

The big wide world is a very scary place for them so their world must be kept small and gradually building experiences up and that includes walks.

They need a sighthound savy person or a very dog savy person.

They are only 18/20 months so plenty of years left to become the most wonderful pets.

They love to play fight, love dinner time, love toys 90% house trained.

Great with dogs.

For more information please call or WhatsApp Kerry 10-6pm open 7 days a week 07572 296780 They are in North Lincolnshire.


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