Little whippet Sanie has arrived in the UK on the 14th December.
We are taking enquiries now depending on the assessment once Sane is in the UK and home check.
Sanie is a meat dog trade survivor
Sanie is around 3 years old
Sanie loves other dogs
Sanie can be a little shy but very sweet ☺️
Sanie is a sweet little soul and would love his first family for Christmas
If you would like to express an interest in Sanie we are now taking enquiries pending assessment in the UK and homechecks.
All our dogs are Neutered,vaccinated,Chipped,full bloodwork done,Dental if required,They come with a tracker,3 point harness,collar,house collar,tag,coat,food,muzzle if required and four weeks pet insurance.
Our adoption donation is £550
To express an interest in Sanie please call or text Kerry on 07572 296780 opening hours 10-6 7 days a week or you can drop us an email l:

Please see our adoption process here for further information on how to adopt.

If you would like to adopt one of our Greyhounds.

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