Meet Nico…
We are currently fostering this lump of gorgeousness. He’s only just turned 1 year old – so is a very large playful puppy.
He’s from Galgos del Sol and being supported by Candy’s Hound Rescue whilst here in the UK.
He was born at GDS so has not had a life on the streets.
He’s now up for adoption. He has previously been in a home but we were told he wasn’t good with smaller dogs.
He has no issue with smaller dogs (we have 2 and have lots of visitors with small dogs – even a Teacup Yorkie) other than he’s a big lad who doesn’t know he’s huge compared to them – because as a puppy he thinks he’s the same size!
He’s a typical puppy who wants to play and can get up to normal puppy mischief as he explores the world around him. He’s very much at that stage where everything goes in his mouth. He does need plenty of exercise – mentally (games etc) as well as physically.
He loves other dogs but can be reactive on his lead – not aggressive – reactive. All he wants to do is say hello to everyone – human and furry. He gets over excited. Once he’s said hello he usually calms down. So he will need work on this – GDS and Candy’s Hound Rescue will support with this.
He’s very food motivated. Loves his food, treats and anything he can get hold of that’s edible. He loves chewing on hooves, buffalo & goat horns, cows ears etc. He also loves activity games where he has to find the treats as well as lickymats.
He is extremely cuddly and thinks he’s a lap dog at times.
From all his hard work and playing he usually crashes out about 8pm and sleeps perfectly through the night.
He really is an absolute love. He makes us laugh so much.
He’s so clumsy with his great long legs and huge paws – typical puppy.
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