Little rescue Wadi Dog from OMAN Little Milo
Milo loves to play  and to make new friends
He loves walks but does prefer quieter ones, he’s not keen on lots of traffic or bin days , who is tbh
Milo is very confident in his home and garden , when he’s out on walks he can at times become a bit overwhelmed , at those times he just needs a minute . Then he’s ok , he’s a dog that needs time to adjust and settle .
He’s clever and uses his nose to find treats , he loves scatter training and toys ❤️
We have started to go to some local socialising dog classes and he is building in confidence by going there too.
Milo would love to be adopted by someone that will give him the time and space to settle. He could be an only dog or with a dog that’s happy to play and able to cope with at times puppy play.
Milo was adopted but sadly returned a few months ago as he wasn’t getting on with the older male child in the house (no one’s fault)
To find out more about him please contact Kerry by call or text on 07572 296780 between 10-6 every day

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