Beautiful Lady has now gone to her home on a months trial.
Her Nick name is Miss Lady Jane because she looks at you like you are something she has just stood in😂
Her breed is a Shanxi Xigou
They are very a natural guard dog and very loyal to their owner.
This trait is very very strong with Lady. She absolutely adores Kerry her foster mom and gives her kisses uses her paw to get attention and will come when called.
She will unfortunately have a little pop at people she doesn’t know.
She has been known to have a little snap at a couple of peoples ankles 😬😬😬
She soon comes around but it will take a couple of days.
Once she knows you she is fantastic but whoever adopts her needs to be fully aware that at first she will be a grumpy monkey.
She can’t go with children because of this reason.
She is fabulous with dogs of all sizes and plays none stop.
She loves toys and playing bitey face games with dogs.
She’s a fussy fussy eater but loves chicken and liver.
She is starting to take treats but is very very selective.
For more information please call Kerry 07572 296780
Shanxi Xigou History
Also known as the Xian Hound, the Shanxi Xigou is an ancient breed from China. How ancient? Well, 2500-year-old paintings from the tomb of a Qin Dynasty prince feature dogs that look like the Shanxi. The breed gets its name from the Chinese god Zhang Xian, who often takes the form of a dog.
Some experts believe the Shanxi Xigou is the original sighthound breed. Emperors used these speedy dogs to locate and track prey—a job they performed brilliantly for centuries. But when the Chinese government banned hunting by citizens, the Shanxi lost its usefulness. Today, the breed remains rare. That said, the China Kennel Union is attempting to restore its population.
Shanxi Xigou Traits
General Appearance
Shanxi Xigou are large, majestic dogs built for speed and endurance. They have a slender, muscular build and an elegant, balanced appearance.
Coat and Colouring
Shanxi have short, smooth, silky coats with feathering on the legs and back of the thighs and longer hair on the ears and tail. All coat colors are allowed—though white, black, blue, silver, and red are the most common. Some Shanxi have brindle patterned coats.
Distinctive Physical Traits
Shanxi have long, narrow heads and a raised bridge on their nose, reminiscent of a sheep’s nose. Their ears are long, thin, and hang close to the skull. A long, arched neck, streamlined body, and slim waist give these pups a graceful overall appearance. Their long tails sit low and have a curve or ring at the end.
Shanxi Xigou Temperament
These noble, independent, often aloof dogs are devoted to their humans but are often wary of strangers. In addition to being skilled hunters, they make excellent guard dogs.
Shanxi Xigou Care
Shanxi Xigou thrive on a high-quality diet formulated for their life stage (e.g., puppy, adult, senior). To maintain their slender physique, keep an eye on their food intake and measure out portions to avoid overfeeding. And don’t forget to account for treats. As a guideline, they should make up no more than 10% of a dog’s daily calories.

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