Old boy ErGe is looking for his forever home.
He was was rescued in main land China 3 years ago.
It’s believed he was used as a police dog in his younger life according to the person who saved him in China.
Once he was no longer needed by the Police he was being sold to the meat markets.
Unfortunately many police in China use Greyhounds to catch stray dogs from the streets .
ErGe is on foster with 8 other hounds and he isn’t aggressive but he doesn’t have many manners around dogs and has no boundaries.
He needs someone that will understand this and don’t expect too much from him.
He needs time and patience to grow and learn how to become a pet.
He is around 10/11 years old and it’s clear from the scars over him he has had a pretty hard life.
His eyes could tell a million story’s of sorrow.
He is very lovely and sweet and loves to be fussed by humans.
ErGe is looking for his forever home
He was originally from China but is now settled in the UK in foster waiting for his forever home
Things he ’s
Loves walks
Loves to sleep
Loves to get into tiny dog crates that are too small
Loves treats
Loves to be groomed
Loves to be around dogs but could also live as an only dog
ErGe is around 9-10 years old which seems to put people off adopting him being an older Greyhound but there’s still lots of live yet in him
He is being foster in Dudley and waiting on that special someone.
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