Clinton is a little sweet sweet boy he was clearly bullied in kennels in China as he arrived with a few scars on him and he was so skinny compared to everyone else.
He is eating great now and his coat is looking much better and healthy.
He is very submissive and shy so needs a gentle approach to start with.
He would be better with another dog to help him learn the ropes.
He was rescued from the Dog Meat Trade in China and it’s very doubtful he has ever had a family.
He is very good with dogs but not sure on cats as he hasn’t been cat tested.
He is 90% house trained, sleeps through the night and can be left up to four hours.
He is a little beautiful boy and looks at you constantly for reassurance.
He is in foster in North Lincolnshire (UK) for more information please call or WhatsApp Kerry on 07572 296780 opening hours 10-6 please respect these times.

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