We need your help!

Ok so here is the appeal. So we have 28 dogs in this one vets and they are all very very poorly. What I didn’t understand was the vets need money to buy the medication ASAP. They have asked for a deposit of seventeen thousand English pounds. We have just sent four thousand but that is pretty much all we were able to sent. I was going to do a happy Christmas post and raise money for stockings and toys for the dogs at the vets but this is more important. We need to raise money to send to the vets ASAP so they can buy the medication in order to save them. Some are critical. They have said this time of the year the dogs from the meat markets are always really really poorly and many don’t make it. I know it is the last thing people need just before Christmas and I am sorry for asking again but we need to save these dogs. Our mission is to rescue the dogs, get them well, then get them out of China. We have information on our FB about how we use donations and also on our website. Thank you again we will keep you updated.