We lost Roger ☹️

Heartbroken doesn’t even come close to how we feel 💔 Roger had his op today to have his broken leg amputated. The op went well but an hour into recovery he had a heart attack. The vets tried for ten minutes to save his life but he had already gone. Roger was rescued from a slaughter house in China 4 months ago. His leg was broken to the point the bone had completely snapped in half. We made the decision to wait until he arrived in the U.K to have surgery. He has had such an awful awful life and was just really starting adjust to being in a home. He adored people even though he had been used and abused and sold for someone’s dinner. He formed a really strong bond with his foster mom over the last 3 weeks 😢😢😢😢 Tracey and her family are heartbroken to hear the news Roger didn’t make it. To follow a dog being rescued from the meat trade then get all the way to the U.K for this to happen is so hard. Kerry has just collected Roger from the vets and is taking him to a private pet crematorium. Roger’s ashes will go back to Tracey. Poor, poor boy. So gutted for him 💔💔💔💔💔💔 Rest easy big man.