We lost Logan 💔

We have some devastating news 💔💔💔💔💔 Logan, who was due to fly back to the U.K with Kerry on Friday, has died. Kerry was on her way to meet him when she got the cal. Logan had been in the vets for the last two days as he had a skin problem on his leg. It would seem his heart stopped. We can’t tell you how heartbroken we are for him, the people treating him in China and his new family in the U.K. He was coming back with Ice who he was rescued with and shared a kennel with. They were going to live in the same home in the U.K.💔💔

The vets did Logan a little ceremony before he was cremated 💔 There’s a belief in china that this prayer helps animals to pass over the bridge and come back as something else. It’s a wonderful thing for them to do. Kerry will bring Logan‘s ashes home and they will go to his mom 💙❤️ Rest easy big man