Message from Kerry

I know some of the videos I have posted the last few days are very upsetting and hard to watch but please don’t think everyone in China is the same. I have sent the videos to the vets and she started crying and so did her staff. Can you imagine living in a country as an animal lover and there is no animal welfare laws? I couldn’t do it I get scared when I am there incase I see someone beating an animal or skining them, because I don’t know what I would do. Everyone says stuff like “I will hit them “ “I wouldn’t be able to stop myself “ when you are actually there at meat markets, you know to stand there and shut up. If you were to kick up a fuss the butchers could kill that dog in front of you and make them all suffer just because they can. Also it is not illegal. In china it is like one extreme to the another. You have gentle caring people then you have some of the cruelest disgusting humans you could ever meet. I am so glad we deal with such amazing people who try and save the dogs and are working to end dog meat trade and bring animal welfare laws to China.