Happy New Year!

Happy New Yera to all our wonderful supporters and volunteers. This year we have saved 244 dogs, most have been greyhounds but we have managed to save whippets and sneak some other breeds to. 14 have passed away while under our wing which is devastating for everyone involved. We have built up amazing relationships with rescues aboard especially in America who have been an absolute lifeline for the dogs. Thank you to our amazing fundraisers in the UK and America. Next year we have many things in the pipeline, one having a base just outside Beijing (pics below)for our dogs. We are planning everything now so I will update on that soon. We are planning on doing education work with people in China about dog ownership and the meat trade dogs aswell as talking to children in schools. We are still a very new rescue less than 3 years old but things are getting bigger and bigger and that can only be better for the dogs. All animals deserve respect and love and I am not taking anything away from any other rescues at all I just know what these dogs go through in China .These dogs suffer the worse kind of abuse yet they are the most loving, loyal dogs you could wish to meet. We have flights booked in January for dogs to leave China for the States and we have booked two flights today to bring some dogs back to the UK. Thank you again everyone for all their support. 2020 will be great for the dogs!!