Message from our fundraising team in USA!!

Earlier, I posted our December, 2019 monthly financial report (see the “Files” tab). By default, it’s also our 2019 financial report. Look what you raised in 9 months––since our inception! Your passion is impressive and we’re so grateful to be working with you.

This money has and continues making a significant difference on the lives of meat trade survivors. After conferring with Candy Cane Rescue’s founder, Kerry Lawrence, a few months ago, we began sending the lion’s share of money raised where we could have the biggest impact: select USA rescues to help offset USA transport and other China survivor dogs’ expenses.

Of course, we still help CCR offset their enormous costs for veterinarian bills, boarding, and transport, too. For example, on Giving Tuesday, you raised a collective $2,140 that went direct to CCR.

Thank you for being a part of this important cause.