!Emergency Appeal!!
The authorities in China have claimed the land, without notice, on which our main shelter resides. The threat of the shelter being demolished with dogs still inside was real.
They are still not safe and require your help!
The situation in China is dire; funds are the lowest they have ever been, the dogs are scared and vulnerable.
We desperately require donations to ensure all the dogs are safe, warm and looked after for the foreseeable future.
Whilst we would love to fly dogs abroad to a new and better life we, as a charity, must now refocus our efforts on making our dogs welfare in China our priority.
Please donate now what you can.
Existing supporters, can you spare a little more each month?
Help from both individuals and corporates is urgently needed.
Thank you
PayPal: rescue@candyshoundrescue.org
Bank account:
Candy’s Hound Rescue International
Sort Code: 30-90-89
Account number: 35882460