This Spring, give a meat trade dog a life-changing gift that can bring them one step closer to their flight home. All our dogs need to be vaccinated, microchipped and neutered before they can leave China. With your help, more can be ready to fly to new homes and families. Thank you


Could pay for a rescue dog to be microchipped and vaccinated, a first step to flying out of China and to a forever home
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Could pay for two rescue dogs to be microchipped and vaccinated against deadly diseases
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Could pay for a rescue dog to be neutered or spayed, to stop unwanted puppies and improve overall dog health
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Bring Them Home

Right now, due to ongoing travel restrictions, over 200 dogs are still in China more than a year after being rescued. Can you give £30 to help get these dogs out of China so they can start their new life in the UK or USA?

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Sponsor a kennel from as little as £3 per month

Our dogs need a safe place to recover before they can be flown to new homes in the UK or USA. Many dogs have suffered trauma or have injuries that need treatment and time to heal. We only use kennels and trusted vets in China that can give our dogs the 24/7 care they need. Can you help us look after our dogs until we bring them home?

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