Update: Lola has now left China to start his new life with Motorcity Greyhound Rescue in the States. Good luck Lola!

Update: Lola has bagged herself rescue space with Motorcity Greyhound Rescue in the States. She will be leaving China at the end of the February ❤️💙❤️

Update: The video shows Little Lola in boarding kennels ❤️. Lola is the girl that was pregnant in the slaughter house. She had her babies but sadly lost them all. Last time Kerry saw Lola she was so shut down and scared but now she’s really starting to come on. She’s also the one that on her first day in boarding, chased a wild rabbit for most of the day with Judith and Justin trying to catch her 😂. The rabbit got away, thankfully. 💪🏻

Lola is one of our meat trade dogs recovering in Changchun vets. More info to follow.

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